Our services include a Breakfast, After School and a Holiday Club, where children are cared for in a safe and secure environment. Your children will experience and enjoy a range of activities, which will enhance their confidence, self esteem, knowledge and skills.

Childcare Solution strongly follows the ethos that children should have freedom of choice in ‘their’ play environment, and that choice is given by providing a variety of play experiences.

Play is a vital component of a child’s life. It should be creative and satisfying, as it is through play that children explore and learn about themselves. It also prepares them for the complexities of the world around them.

The staff at Childcare Solution are here to supervise but not to over impose: to lead as positive role models, and to provide the play environment; to participate and motivate our young people; and to protect and support. We work in close partnership with our local schools, meeting regularly with head teachers and school mentors. We have built these relationships over a number of years which enable us to support our children to the best of our abilities.

We invite teachers from our local schools to enjoy a Christmas breakfast with us. And our team of staff are invited to share Christmas dinner with our local school.

We received a ‘Good’ rating from our last Ofsted inspection in April 2012.
“Strong partnerships between the staff, parents and the school fully promote children's continuity of care and their development… Members of the staff team meet with the head teacher each term to exchange information about the children's general welfare, events and topics. This sharing of information enhances children's learning as the staff incorporates the school's themes into the weekly activity plan.”

As a childcare provider we are constantly looking for ways to improve the service we provide to our children, parents and carers. We recently received an accreditation from Waltham Forest through a quality assurance scheme called Certificate of Maintained Standards. In order to be accredited we had to demonstrate we had policies and procedures in place and being practiced by our organisation. This included meeting 14 standards.

ofsted certificate of maintained standards

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2013-10-07 14:42:26
CMS(Certificate of Maintained Standards)
CMS is a Waltham Forest initiative which was launched in April 2009. It was created to support parents find safely run activities for their children. It has 14 standards which include safe staff recruitment, Child Protection and Health and Safety.
We are delighted to say that September 2013 Childcare Solution were successfully accredited with the CMS standards. We are thrilled to be considered a 'Quality Childcare Setting' by the local authority.

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