As a working parent who heavily relies on breakfast, after school and holiday clubs, the choice of services are vast however not all will provide you the security and peace of mind that you need, too often you hear of stories where the care and attention provided in your prescence differs from when you are absent. Childcare solutions however does not fail on this front. In many ways it's caring, engaging environment presents the approach of an extended warm family member, every child matters. An effort is made to understand your child needs, providing a balance of social engagement and educational development, children are subtly taught to respect, positively respond and engage with others. Staff are engaging and supportive at all times- with or without you being there, they are trustworthy and genuinely caring. My sons are different in character, one more outgoing than the other, however both have thrived in the club growing in confidence by being part of this extended family. Thank you for all that you do.

Rihana Sidat (Isa and Umar's Mum)

I would like to say on behalf of me and my family a very big thank you for being such a positive role in Joshua's development. I remember the day you presented Childcare Solutions to the parents at St Helen's I felt excited and assured that Joshua's after school needs were going to be met. Well what can I say 6 years on you really have demonstrated the solution to child care, by providing a loving and warm homely environment, going that extra mile and providing far more than just the basics of an after school club. I had no doubt in my mind that Joshua was happy as on many occasions over the years it took a lot of coaxing and persuasion to get him to leave on the days he was with you; It is clear to see that every child matters.

Thank you Childcare Solutions for being a blessing in our lives and for being part of Joshua's strong foundation.

Elaine and Noel (Joshua’s Parents)

Many thanks for the great support you have given to St. Helen's during the past year. You provide excellent activities for the children and work so well in partnership with our school.

Head Teacher St. Helen's: Mr Durcan

Thank you very much for providing an excellent home away from home. It is enjoyable and stimulating, staff have been helpful and caring.

PARENT: Michelle (Kye's Mum)

I would like to say thank you so much , I had so much fun and the children are lovely.
I did appreciate working with you all. I hope this job could be mine in the future.
I’m going miss working here with all the staff.

Hug and kisses

WORK EXPERIENCE STUDENT: Connaught Girls School.

Thank you very much for allowing me to work along side you at childcare solution. I found all of the work very interesting and I learnt there is a lot of background work besides actually working with the children.
Working at childcare solution was a great experience and I would love to come back to do some voluntary work.


I am very impressed and happy with the care that was given to my daughter, every day was filled with activities that my daughter spoke highly about. She also spoke about the kind nature of the staff and how patient and supportive they all are.
I would like to say thank you to all those who had contact with her as I was able to work feeling confident in the care given.

PARENT: Prema Kelly

My children have been continuously attending childcare solution since they both started St. Helen's Infant Catholic School. The children have an enjoyable and educational time at the setting. The staff are very responsible and mature in their attitude and have a great understanding of the children and their care. They are very committed and passionate about their responsibilities and they communicate very well with the children.

The children have a good range of activitie's to take part in and they also have access to a large outside area, ICT room and the manager organises Dance Lessons, Karate Lessons, Gardening sessions, Talent shows and community events which enable the children to make a positive contribution to their immediate and local community.

The children at the setting have fun here and are able to openly express themselves in a safe and secure environment.
I feel the staff and the Manager give that 'extra' which isn't found commonly in this industry.

PARENT: Prema Kelly

Dear Jennifer, Amanda & all at Childcare Solution.

I wanted to write to say thank you for the wonderful care both our children have received whilst at Childcare Solution. Dominic and Izzy have thoroughly enjoyed their time with you and made some wonderful friends.

This is the first after school club that we have ever used and to be honest I really didn't know what to expect. For years, Dominic had pestered us to let him go to after school club (even though I had taken a career break so that I could do the whole school thing whilst having Izzy as a baby!) and I kept saying no. The impression I had was of a glorified child-minding service and therefore couldn't really see the point. How wrong was I?!

I have been overwhelmed and completely impressed with all the activities that the children do; the trips that they go on; the community projects and fundraising that you do and moreover all the planning that goes into making the experience a valuable one for all the children. Yours is a thoughful and caring environment and I feel really proud that both of my children got to experience Childcare Solutions.

As we move to a new area and new schools, we will be looking for new after school clubs and thanks to the experience we have had with you we know exactly what to expect and just how good after school provision should be!

Thank you and very best wishes for the future!

Gillian & Ernan LaRo

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CMS(Certificate of Maintained Standards)
CMS is a Waltham Forest initiative which was launched in April 2009. It was created to support parents find safely run activities for their children. It has 14 standards which include safe staff recruitment, Child Protection and Health and Safety.
We are delighted to say that September 2013 Childcare Solution were successfully accredited with the CMS standards. We are thrilled to be considered a 'Quality Childcare Setting' by the local authority.

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